Getting Married

Congratulations on your big day! Whether you're in the process of planning for your wedding or starting the next phase of your life together, marriage means new money priorities. Hiway can help with a full array of alternatives, from Certificate accounts, to mortgage products, to life insurance.

Sure, not many people are huge fans of talking finances, but think of the load off your mind when you put a savings plan in action.

Then you can get back to the newlywed bliss!

  • Investment Services at Hiway
    OK, so you're ready to start putting something away for your short- and long-term-savings goals. Where can you put your money so that it will do the most work for you—and not disappear in the next market downturn?

    Investment Services at Hiway has experienced Financial Consultants who listen to your goals, then plot out a roadmap to help you reach them. Having a trusted consultant in your corner means that you'll have an expert looking out for you, so you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you—which we're guessing doesn't involve reading company earnings reports.

  • Hiway Savings Products
    Competitive rates, rock-solid security and accessibility: that's what you get with Hiway savings accounts. Check out some options that can form a solid base for your overall savings plan.

    We'll also work with you to set up joint account owners for streamlined account access, and beneficiary designations so that your money goes exactly where you want it if the unforeseen happens.

  • Credit Counseling & Debt Management
    If your relationship with credit hasn't been the most positive in the past, the first step to financial security may be to assess your current situation and find the shortest path out of debt. The professional financial counselors at LSS Financial Counseling Service can help Hiway members—confidentially, and at no charge to you.

  • Online Mortgage Center
    If you're buying a new home or looking to refinance, you're in luck. The Online Mortgage Center is here to walk you through the entire mortgage process—from learning about available products, tracking rates, applying and receiving a decision—all online, on your schedule.

    Whether you're an old pro or a first-time home buyer, the Online Mortgage Center has the tools and resources you need to complete the mortgage process hassle-free.

  • Home Equity Loans
    Looking for funds to make the special day everything you dream of? The equity in your home may be the best way to go. You'll benefit from competitive rates and potential tax benefits. Find the equity loan for you, then resume your search for the perfect caterer.

  • Personal Loans
    Regardless of the reason you need a loan, Hiway has options to help—at very competitive rates. Apply online and get your decision in minutes.

  • Account Change Request
    Need to change your name or address, or add your new spouse as a joint owner on your account? No problem.

  • Online Banking
    Why make managing your money any harder than it has to be? TellernetSM Online Banking puts information on all your Hiway accounts just a click away from anywhere you access the Internet.

    Use Tellernet to check account balances, view account histories, transfer funds—even view statements online—all in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it's free!

  • Bill Payment
    Speaking of making life easier, how does paying all your bills in seconds sound? Leave the world of stamps and return addressed envelopes behind. Check out the convenience of TellernetSM Bill Payment.

  • Mobile Banking
    When was the last time you needed to make a quick transfer from the checkout line to cover a debit purchase? With Mobile Banking from Hiway, you can use your cell phone or other mobile device to check balances, transfer funds and pay your bills, when and where it's convenient for you.