Proof of Insurance

As a part of receiving a secured loan from Hiway, such as an auto loan or home mortgage, you are required to maintain physical damage insurance for the full term of your loan. You will find this requirement in your Loan Agreement.

If you receive a letter from Hiway requesting this information, there are several options you may use to provide updated copies of your insurance:

  • Ask your agent to call 800.653.8812 where a representative will take necessary insurance information.
  • Mail or fax a copy of the requested information to the credit union at:

    Hiway Federal Credit Union
    Attn: Insurance Verification
    111 Empire Drive
    St. Paul, MN 55103
    Fax: 651.291.7769
  • Enter your insurance information online at


Send an email to either our Consumer Loan or Real Estate departments. Or give us a call at 651.291.1515 or 800.899.5626 and ask for the appropriate department.