iAchieve (ages 13 - 17)

iAchieve Account (for teens 13 - 17)

As the parent or guardian of a teenager, you may be looking for tools to help teach them the responsibilities of basic money management and to develop good financial habits. Hiway is here as a financial resource, offering products and services to help them on the road to becoming financially independent.

Hiway's iAchieve account is designed to help members 13 to 17 with their personal finances, with a legal adult as a joint owner on the account.

To open an iAchieve account for the teen in your life, fill out our iAchieve Account application and return it to us.

Scholarship Opportunity

The Minnesota Family Involvement Council (FIC) has $10,000 available in scholarship money for Minnesota credit union members who are pursuing higher education.

Products and Services

As your teen grows, you'll want a variety of financial resources available for their changing needs. Based on their individual needs, here are some products and services to consider:

ATM and Debit Card Limits

All teenagers are different, and we've designed the iAchieve account to fit each teenagers' money management needs. As a parent or guardian who is joint on the account, you have the option to set the daily withdrawal limit for an ATM card and daily spending limit at merchants (Point-of-Sale) on a Debit Card. Choose from three different levels:

  • $50 Point-of-Sale/$50 ATM
  • $100 Point-of-Sale/$100 ATM
  • $250 Point-of-Sale/$250 ATM

Setting daily limits is optional, and you can add, change or remove them at any time. If you do not choose to set daily limits, the card will default to Hiway's standard daily limits of $3,000 Point-of-Sale/$500 ATM.

Extras Just for Them

While some features of the iAchieve account are designed to give them hands-on experience with money management and help you control their financial activity, we also have some extra features just for them.

Discounts. We have partnered with a few businesses around the Twin Cities area to offer our youth members discounts. Club members can request information on discount codes by sending us an email or contacting us at 651.291.1515 or 800.899.5626.

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If you would like additional guidance, stop in or call a Member Service Representative at 651.291.1515 or 800.899.5626.