Other Services

Automatic Payment Plan

AutoPay allows you to have your monthly payment withdrawn from your checking account automatically and applied to your Hiway loans, so you don't have to write and send checks every month. No more late fees, and fewer stamps to worry about.

Give us a call today to set up AutoPay.

Money Orders

For those times when you're unable to use a personal check, money orders are an easy way to make payments. Money orders can be purchased at the teller line in any amount up to $1,000.

Notary Service

Need a document notarized? Bring it to Hiway with a legal form of identification and we'll give it the stamp of approval.

Safe Deposit Box

Looking for a secure place to store important and/or valuable documents, jewelry, coins, and collections? How about a safe deposit box at Hiway.

Night Deposit

Located in the first lane closest to the building in the drive thru, deposits can be dropped off before and after business hours. Night deposits will be verified and posted the next business day.

Self Service Coin Counter

Coin jar getting a bit too heavy? Use the coin counter at our Main Office to count and exchange your coins. Look for it on your left as you walk in.

Fees may apply, see the Service Fee Schedule for details.