Phone Banking

TellerfoneSM gives you fast, easy access to your account information 24 hours a day—all you need is a touch-tone phone to keep tabs on your account history, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments and more.

Access Instructions

  1. Call 651.290.2200 or 800.262.4428
  2. Press 1 to access your account
  3. Enter your member number, followed by the # sign
  4. Enter your access code, followed by the # sign
  5. Follow the voice prompts to guide you to your desired transaction
  6. Enter monetary amounts without the decimal point (ex: $100.00 should be entered as 10000) followed by the # key
  7. To repeat the current menu or last response, enter 9
  8. To return to the previous menu, enter *
  9. To disconnect, enter 5

We've also created a Tellerfone Guide that you can print out as a quick reference. Or if you prefer, you can print out a wallet sized guide.

Start using Tellerfone today—give us a call at 651.291.1515 or 800.899.5626 to get started!