Hiway was recently named as a VISA Global Service Quality Performance Award recipient for 2020, based on the credit union’s exceptional results in their authorization approval process for consumer credit cards.

Those issuers honored by VISA were recognized for their commitment to customer care through authorization approvals while still helping to control fraud risks for cardholders.

“Our team is truly honored to receive this recognition from VISA for our commitment to providing accurate and timely information ensuring our members can make purchases anytime through all channels in an efficient manner,” said Aaron Kastner, Senior Vice President.

Throughout this award program’s history, VISA has recognized its most exceptional clients for their consistent, superior operating performance in areas directly affecting Visa cardholders and merchants.

Kastner added “We’ve put a lot of effort into our card program to ensure competitive offerings and best service quality. This is our first award of this type from VISA, so it’s exciting to see Hiway, the Card team, and key partners recognized for their efforts to continually enhance the member-cardholder experience.”

The VISA Global Service Quality Awards in an annual client performance program honoring VISA’s highest-performing acquirers, issuers and issuer processors.

VISA instituted the Visa Global Service Quality Performance Awards program in 1992 to recognize clients demonstrating exceptional card operations processing within the United States.