Hiway received three awards as part of the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) annual MAC Awards.

Hiway received their awards in the largest assets class ($1B+ class) in the categories of Outdoor, Video/TV and Logos.

In the Outdoor and Video/TV categories, Hiway received silver awards for their “Press 5, We’re live” campaign which highlighted Hiway’s non-phone-tree, live person answer approach.

In the Logo category, Hiway received a bronze award for the Hiway GPS logo. Hiway GPS is primarily designed to create service standards for member-facing Hiway associates (employees). The program also places standards for how Hiway associates serve each other.

“It is always an honor to be recognized by one’s peers for the work that you do,” said Tara Graff, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Hiway.  “The MAC Awards are a very competitive industry award and to earn honors in three categories is a wonderful accomplishment.”

“The honors are extremely rewarding this year since they were earned for the works that were uniquely ‘Hiway’ - our 24/7 call center ad featured a call center manager as talent and GPS is an internal service program, which is completely internally designed,” added Graff.

The MAC awards have been presented since 1986 at the annual MAC Conference but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year the awards were presented during a virtual awards program.

For more information on the Marketing Association of Credit Unions and the 2020 MAC Awards, please visit www.macnetwork.org.