On April 10, 2020, Hiway launched the #CUs4U Challenge, an opportunity for credit unions to support both local small businesses and essential workers in the communities that they serve. 

“Both Hiway and our credit union peers have a long tradition of being active and an important part of the communities that they operate in,” said Dave Boden, Hiway’s President/CEO.  “The idea behind this challenge is to give back to those on the true frontline of this pandemic - those keeping everyone safe, and those ensuring we can meet our daily needs – as well as supporting our local small business community.” 

To kick off the challenge, Hiway purchased boxed lunches from a local favorite Italian eatery, Fat Lorenzo’s, and had them delivered to workers at the Minnesota VA Child Care Center which neighbors Hiway’s Fort Snelling branch. Hiway also had 67 dozen cookies from Cookie Cart, a nonprofit bakery which employs disadvantaged youth, delivered to the VA Hospital as a treat for all the organization’s workers.

Boden and Hiway have nominated Dan Stoltz, CEO of SPIRE Credit Union, to continue the challenge, asking Stoltz and his team to find a way to thank more essential workers and another small business, and then to nominate another Minnesota Credit Union executive to follow suit and keep the challenge rolling.

“Together, as part of #CUs4U, we can help make a difference in our communities while supporting our local small businesses and recognizing and thanking all those who continue to serve us every day,” said Boden. 

To view Boden’s video challenge to SPIRE’s Dan Stoltz, please visit Hiway on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.