Christine Cordell

Hiway is pleased to announce that Christine Cordell, Hiway’s Senior Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness, was selected as a member of the Filene Research Institute Think Tank.

Filene Research Institute launched its Think Tank in May, comprised of influential CEOs and senior executives selected for their cross functional expertise. The initiative is designed to drive the credit union industry’s research and incubation agenda. Representing nearly 40 credit unions and credit union system organizations, the Think Tank serves as one arm of Filene’s Research and Incubation Advisory Council.

Credit union leaders in the Think Tank form a network with peers, influential researchers and top-of-field academics inside and outside the credit union industry, all while growing and strengthening their organizations and the credit union system by activating lessons and learnings from research and incubation activities.

“Now more than ever, the credit union industry needs to drive member-centric innovation. Members are demanding new ways to be served, and our present environment is as well. Filene’s Think Tank is an opportunity to work alongside forward-thinking peers to develop and design new ways of serving real-time member needs while ensuring credit unions remain not only relevant, but become a consumer first-choice,” said Cordell. “As a recent graduate of Filene’s i3 program, I have more to give to our members by leveraging the collective knowledge brought together through the Think Tank network.”

The inaugural gathering of Filene’s Think Tank included a virtual conversation with Filene Fellow for the Center for Consumer Financial Lives in Transition, Dr. Lisa Servon, and reviewed the planned work of the Center.  In June, the Think Tank spoke with Filene Fellow Dr. Quinetta Roberson of the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and in July, the Think Tank is scheduled to connect with Filene Fellow Dr. Bill Maurer with the Center for Emerging Technology. The Think Tank network will continue to guide, activate, connect, and champion Filene’s research and incubation agenda and activities to enhance impact and support growth through monthly discussions with Filene’s research fellows.