Hiway held its 90th Annual Meeting on April 20, 2022. Following the meeting, Jeff Schwalen was reappointed Board Chair along with Lori Hodapp, Vice-Chair and Pam Tschida, Secretary. All three were incumbents with significant experience on the board.

The three open seats on the board were filled with three incumbents, including Sophia Xiong-Yang and the two officers, Hodapp and Tschida. All will serve three-year terms on the board.

The Board also announced the appointment of a new Associate Board Member, Juan Gil. Gil has been a credit union member for 10 years and is a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst with Allianz Life.

2022 Hiway Board of Directors

  • Jeff Schwalen - Chair
  • Lori Hodapp - Vice-Chair
  • Pam Tschida - Secretary
  • Kimberly Collins - Director
  • John Dillingham - Director
  • Leonard Leitner - Director
  • Patrick McGuiness - Director
  • Sue Mulvihill - Director
  • Sophia Xiong-Yang - Director
  • Juan Gill - Associate Board Member