Are you an online banking user? Have you set up any transaction or balance alerts? Or maybe you are signed up for eDocuments or use Bill Payment? All of these services rely on having a valid email address in order to send important account notices.

To verify the default email address associated with your login:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Profile
  2. Scroll down and verify the email address listed

To verify any email alerts you created in online banking:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Alerts
  2. Click to expand an alert group
  3. Verify that the information in the Notification column is correct

To verify the email address associated with Bill Payment:

  1. Navigate to Bill Payment
  2. Verify the email address listed near the top of the screen
  3. If it is incorrect, please contact us to update it

You should also add to your list of contacts in your email client to ensure that notices are not blocked.