It’s that time of year again – the time when we’re all getting things together to file our 2022 taxes. We’ve made a few changes to serve you better, and we wanted to let you know when and how you can expect to receive your tax information this year.

All members will be receiving a paper statement this year, regardless of your eDocument settings. Please watch for mail marked "Important Tax Return Document Enclosed."

  • The new 1099-INT statements will offer you a detailed breakdown of your accounts.
  • Paper statements are in the mail and should arrive soon. However, please be advised that mailing times can vary.
  • All tax forms are being mailed to the primary address of the Tax Reported Owner.
  • eDocument users will receive a notice from us when your tax statements are available in Online/Mobile Banking.

If you need your information in advance of receiving your paper copy, there are a couple of ways you can find it:

  1. On your December 31, 2022 statement. You can find the YTD interest amount for each account in the summary section at the top.

    Please note this does not include closed accounts. If you’ve closed an account with us in 2022, please look at the statement just after your closing date.

    Mailed statement showing previous year-to-date interest

  2. In online/mobile banking. Under the Details & Settings heading, each account will display the Year-to-Date interest amount, and previous year’s interest amount. Tip: this section also lists your account and routing information for direct deposit of your tax return.

    Account Details screen showing previous year-to-date interest

We hope this is helpful, and wish you the best for the season! Thank you for being a Hiway member.


Please review our frequently asked questions below or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.