On Wednesday, August 15, Hiway upgraded Mobile Deposit to improve the experience for members with multiple memberships.

Previously the service only allowed deposits to a single member number. With this upgrade, you can now choose which member number/account you would like to make your deposit to.

When you select the To Account, all of the accounts (checking, savings and money market) that you are primary or joint on will be listed for you. They will appear in the same order as they do on your Home screen. After you select the account, you will continue through the normal process for depositing a check.

Check Endorsement Reminder

When submitting a mobile deposit, it is very important to endorse your check correctly or it may not be accepted. The back of the check should include the following:

  • Signature of all payees
  • Member Number
  • Mobile Deposit to Hiway on (mm/dd/yyyy)


If you have any questions, send us a message or give us a call at 651.291.1515.