With the recent federal government shutdown looking to extend into the New Year, Hiway is committed to offering financial assistance to federal employees who may find themselves facing a short-term cash flow challenge.

If you or a family member are facing a financial strain due to the shutdown and need assistance to meet existing loan obligations, please contact Hiway to discuss alternatives for your specific situation. We are here to assist through this difficult and stressful time. Depending on individual situations, we may be able to offer one of the following options:

  • Skip-a-payment on your Hiway loan(s)
  • Multiple loan options, including potential consolidation and/or refinance on loans from Hiway and other institutions
  • Free financial review
  • Credit counseling services via LSS
  • Low fixed rate loan to help you cover current obligations, including mortgage payments

We hope there is a swift resolution and any shutdown will be short term. If we can help, please call us at 651.291.1515 or 800.899.5626. We are here to serve you and offer support in any way we can.