Beginning in January of 2019, Hiway associates will be offered up to 12 weeks of paid medical and paid parental leave, which can be used to address individual situations or to care for an immediate family member.

“No one knows when they or a loved one might face a medical situation, and we want to ease their stress during an already stressful time,” said Dave Boden, President/CEO. “And for new mothers and fathers, we want to free them from financial worry and ensure they have uninterrupted time as a family.”

In addition, Hiway will increase its minimum wage to $15 per hour, about 40% higher than the state’s minimum, and an increase of 10% over the credit union’s current minimum of $13.50.

“Hiway exists to make a positive impact in the lives we touch, and that includes our associates, at all levels,” said Boden. “We’re pleased to be able to make these changes, better positioning us to attract top talent and to continue to offer the best service and value to our members.”

Hiway’s new additions strengthen its already competitive suite of employee benefits, which include low-deductible individual and family health insurance as well as a defined benefit pension plan for retirees.