As of Tuesday, April 23, primary cardholders can now see additional details regarding their Hiway Visa credit card account within Online and Mobile Banking. This information will be available through the enhanced credit card tile on the Home screen.

Previously clicking on this tile would take you to a page that provided your available balance and a link to our Manage Credit Cards portal. With this enhancement, the primary cardholder will now have access to a number of useful card details as well as the past 90 days of transaction history. And it's all updated in real-time!

Enhanced Credit Card Tile

You will still need to access the credit card portal to sign up for and access credit card eStatements. However, you don't need to access the portal to make a payment. As an alternative, you can:

  1. Go to Move Money > Transfer Funds
  2. Select your Hiway Savings/Checking account in the From dropdown
  3. Select your Hiway Visa credit card in the To dropdown
  4. Enter your payment amount, payment date and an optional memo
  5. Click the Transfer Funds button

The advantage of this payment method being that the payment will be debited from your account immediately and credited to your Visa credit card on the next business day.


If you have any questions, send us a message or give us a call at 651.291.1515.