We'd like to congratulate PJ and Emily Zwach for being the first one to put all the clues together! Learn More >>

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Gold Puck Found!

Gold Puck Found!

We hope you enjoyed getting out there and searching for the second Hiway Gold Puck. We'd like to congratulate the sibling duo of PJ and Emily Zwach for being the first ones to put the clues together!

The second puck was hidden near a sculpture called "Ylem" in Silverwood Park and stashed inside a stuffed toy squirrel. Watch our Facebook page for pictures of the winners in our Gold Puck photo album.

Steve and Jeannie Worthman found the first Hiway Gold Puck hidden in a free-trade coffee bag in Carver Lake Park. You can find out more in the press release.

Gold Puck Hunt Clues

Gold Puck Hunt #1 Clues

Clue #1

Tell no lie and you will honor
One who tossed a silver dollar
Forge ahead to seek your fate
A puck of gold somewhere awaits

Explanation: Legend tells us that George Washington said “I cannot tell a lie.” Another legend is that Washington tossed a silver dollar across the Potomac River. “Forge” is reference to Valley Forge, the winter encampment of Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War. The clues indicate the puck is located in Washington County.

Clue #2

More than peanuts are at stake
Find the puck to leave a wake
Of those who walked to and fro
Yet couldn’t find the bounty low

Explanation: “Peanuts” is a reference to George Washington Carver, a prominent African‐American scientist and inventor best known for the many uses he devised for the peanut. “Wake” is a reference to water. “Bounty low” provides a clue that the puck is hidden low to the ground. The hiding place is in Carver Lake Park in Woodbury.

Clue #3

Slip, slide and swing on by
Shrieks of joy from small fry
Your path is hard yet leads the way
Find the puck and gold we’ll pay

Explanation: “Slip, slide and swing on by” and “shrieks of joy from small fry” refer to a playground enroute to the puck. “Your path is hard” is a clue to take the asphalt trail that travels past the playground.

Clue #4

Have seat and sit a spell
Just ahead the puck does dwell
Near the place where waters flow
Your Hiway account is set to grow

Explanation: A bench is located along the path. Those who sit on the bench will look in the general direction of the puck, which is located near a stream that runs through the park.

Clue #5

No cherries did it ever bear
Yet scars from blade it does wear
Fallen from its former peak
It hides the treasure that you seek

Explanation: “No cherries did it ever bear” refers to a tree, specifically a cherry tree, which connects back to the first line in Clue 1. George Washington, according to legend, could not lie after chopping down his father’s cherry tree. Although not a cherry, the tree bears marks from an axe blade. The puck is hidden in the base of the tree, wrapped in a free‐trade coffee bag.

Gold Puck Hunt #2 Clues

Clue #1

Slapshot fast puck one was found
So back we are for a second round
Have faith to venture into forest n’ field
A mission in search of golden yield

Explanation: “Have faith,” “mission” and “search” refer to St. Anthony, a Catholic priest, friar and missionary known as the patron saint of missing and lost things. St. Anthony is a community partly located in Ramsey County. The largest park in St. Anthony is located on the Ramsey County side, which is where the puck is hidden.

Clue #2

Legions encamped upon its lot
Weapons of war they had not
There young comrades found safe quarters
A retreat from life’s shells and mortars

Explanation: “Legions encamped upon its lot, Weapons of war they had not” indicates the “army” that stayed there did not carry guns or weapons. Salvation Army camps provide children, some of whom come from challenging family situations and living conditions, with a safe place to play and learn, hence the clue “There young comrades found safe quarters, a retreat from life’s shells and mortars.” The puck is hidden in Silverwood Park, a one-time Salvation Army camp, located in St. Anthony.

Clue #3

Reality brings some fortune and fame
They gave an offspring an unusual name
Point your journey in the right direction
Then add a check to your collection

Explanation: “Reality brings some fortune and fame, They gave their offspring an unusual name” is a reference to reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. The couple named their daughter North. “Point your journey in the right direction” suggests that the puck is hidden on the north side of the park.

Clue #4

Harmony and chaos in nature abound
Forage for gold that waits to be found
The hunt you’re on need now take shape
To unearth the puck you’ll need to scrape

Explanation: Silverwood features nature-inspired art throughout the park. The puck is located near a sculpture entitled “Ylem,” which the artist describes it as a depiction of the “harmony and chaos that exists in nature.” The sculpture is made of geometrical shapes, hence the reference to “shape.” “Forage” and “scrape” hint at the puck’s location amongst the leaves, twigs and branches found in the woods.

Clue #5

Your trip is short, your markers tall
Watch your feet or risk a fall
Branch and bush, burrs and bramble
Gather this nut to prove your gamble

Explanation: The puck is a short distance behind the sculpture in an area dominated by tall pine trees. On the ground below them are fallen tree limbs, bushes and burrs. The puck is hidden among the bramble of vines inside a stuffed toy squirrel, a clue provided by “Gather this nut.”

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